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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, has been missing for a week. Recent theories believe the flight may have been hijacked and diverted to Kazakhstan. Authorities believe the pilots may have been involved.

It is a fact, one communications system was disabled as the plane flew over the northeast coast of Malaysia. the transponders were shut off 14 minutes later at around 1:21 am, and stopped broadcasting its location, altitude, and speed. It’s last known position at that time was, a third of the way across the Gulf of Thailand and into Vietnamese airspace.

According to military officials, around the time the fight disappeared from radar, military radars picked up an unidentified aircraft northwest of Malaysia. The bogey traveled into the Andaman Sea, toward the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. This is a commonly used navigational route to head toward the Middle East and Europe.

The last know signal from the vessel was around 8:11 am according to Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia. He said; ” At that time the plane would have been nearly out of fuel.”

Experts estimate: The Estimated range of plane, with its remaining fuel, if it was flying at the plane’s maximum speed at last known signal: 60 minutes. Could travel to China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia.

Analyst notes:

Flight 370’s communication equipment and transponders were shut down manually at 14 minute intervals, just after the plane entered into Vietnam airspace. Course changes were also made several times during the unauthorized portion of the flight, which means that an experienced pilot made those changes.

One or both of the pilots, had to be involved. The triple 7 is equipped with reinforced cockpit doors. If an unauthorized entrance was attempted, the pilots would have had ample time to report it to the air traffic controller.

Weather reports at the time of the flight, were reported calm. There were no reports of mechanical failure radioed in by the pilot or copilot. According to satellite pings, the plane continued flying for up to five hours after it lost communication with air traffic controllers.

It is also unlikely that flight 370 travelled to Kazakhstan. The plane would have had to fly through Indian, or Chinese airspace. Even if they did go unnoticed through their airspace, they would have been picked up by Pakistan, Afghanistan(where America has an airbase), Uzbekistan and or Kyrgyzstan.

The more likely scenario is, flight 370 was hijacked, and flew south, possibly to Indonesia. The most likely places are Sumatra or Kalimantan. Sumatra is home to several terrorist organizations and has landing strips and jungles to conceal an airplane the size of this. Kalimantan, is large enough to land and hide a plane of this size.

An experienced pilot could land a triple 7 on a highway if needed. The landing is not an issue, according to pilots who fly this type of airplane. To take off, you would need an extended airstrip, but to land, you just need a clearing.

Another theory, is that flight 370 was hijacked by inexperienced pilots, who crashed in route to their destination. This theory holds a lot of water, because if this was a hijacking by a terrorist organization, they would have claimed responsibility by now.

According to authorities, there were two undocumented Iranians who were on board, traveling with stolen passports. It is possible that the flight was hijacked and taken to Iran. Iran has the resources and capability to sponsor this type of activity. Because of the current negotiations with the United States, it would benefit Iran to keep quiet about it.

The question remains, why was the airplane taken? Who or what was the target?(VIP or Cargo) It is unlikely that this was state sponsored (unless it was Iran, see above) so what organization has the financial backing to pull this off?